Client Reviews

Patty is an extraordinarily talented photographer who cares deeply about her clients and her craft. I hired her to take senior portraits of my son and daughter and was overjoyed with the results. Her warm personality, great sense of humor and uncanny ability to put people at ease make photo sessions stress free and genuinely fun. I recommend Patty Axford wholeheartedly.

Margie Ferro, Portrait Client

Patty gets her subjects to relax thus getting them to appear naturally in their photos. She is terrific technically and gets the best results in any situation.

Chris Kandianis, Portrait Client

Patty has done several photo shoots for my family. She has always been courteous, kind and full of great ideas.

Diane Koed, Portrait Client

When most people take your senior pictures, you see them for a half hour while they put you in awkward positions that make you look stiff and uncomfortable. What Patty Axford does, however, is capture the things that make you unique, and the results are wonderful. Four years ago, she asked me what places and things were special to me, and I responded with the dog trail that we took my then alive dog Lassie one. Patty took my pictures at the dog trail, and allowed me to bring my dog with me. She somehow made my dorky expressions seem poised and took photos with me, my dog, and my mom that still have a special place in my heart. There were the typical portraits, but also those of me playing with Lassie, my mom and I in a laugh, and the three of us looking out on the lake at the dog trail. When Lassie died, she sent my mom and I booklets of beautiful pictures she took of our dog, which I still keep in my purse. I have kept in touch with Patty, because she is a wonderful, warm person that can make even the awkward event of getting your pictures taken fun. Honestly, I could not recommend her enough.

Jennifer Fusco, Portrait Client

Patty is a talented photographer, and is especially gifted in portraiture. Her ethics are beyond reproach, and her personal attention to everyone I am certain will make the experience as her client truly enjoyable. She is dedicated to her art, and to constantly reaching higher. I highly recommend Patty as one of the best.

Helen Yancy, Mentor