Bellies, Babies and Children

Moments come and go in an instant. From the moment you feel that first kick, to your partner’s arms wrapped around you lovingly with you both looking down in anticipation. Then, the incredible moment you hold your newborn baby in your arms for the first time – how quickly it all rushes by as this tiny miracle begins to crawl, and is soon off and running or riding their first bike before you have a chance to blink. My Bellies, Babies and Children sessions include maternity and newborn portrait photography, plus portrait sessions of your children as they grow. You may choose a timeless session at my studio, lifestyle session in the comfort of your own home, or a location session. During these sessions, we capture candid and/or posed images so that you can have a visual memory of your child at that moment in time.


Pregnancy can sometimes feel like it lasts for an eternity, but the reality is it will be over before you know it! Investing in heirloom quality prints of maternity portraits that you can pass down to your child will show him or her how much they were loved before they were even born. I recommend scheduling your maternity session between 32 and 36 weeks. Exact timing will vary depending on how each client feels physically – sometimes those last few weeks are challenging! Some clients also want to capture their baby bellies before they are really full term.


You’ve spent close to a year hoping, planning and waiting, and now your new baby is here. Newborn portrait sessions make timeless all the little details that change so quickly: the tiny nose, the teenie toes, and all the love you have for your tiny miracle. Timing is important when photographing newborn babies. I recommend scheduling your baby’s studio newborn portrait session within the first 14 days after birth to get those dreamy, sleepy moldable poses. For a lifestyle session in your home, it is more about capturing the interaction between you and your baby in your own surroundings. It is more candid and less posed, so the timeline is much more flexible.


From the first smile to the first steps, childhood is filled with important and exciting milestones. My portrait sessions can be done in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, in my studio, or on location. For these sessions, I take your child’s lead in terms of posing. Some children are amenable to sitting a certain way and others have their own plans. Either way, I will photograph beautiful portraits of your child at the specific developmental stage that they are in, which will be sure to make you smile for years to come.